Today: What is “Forgiveness”?

I wrote and posted something today that I just decided to revert to a draft. It was stuff that I feel and is true, but it felt too angry and negative. Usually when I try to write about “issues” without mostly quoting other people or poetry or links, I end up not liking the writing. I don’t think I am strong as a writer about important causes that I feel strongly about, such as feminism, gender identity and the like. I find  I am better able to express my strong opinions through art or fidning creative people who say it well, like when I posted the link to the poetry about immigration.

Anyway, I came across an interesting video of a very cool pastor talking about forgiveness, and thought a lot about what she was positing. I’m not sure I agree with her wording around using the word “forgiveness”. I would say it is more about the idea of “letting go” of anger and resentment and consciously choosing to separate yourself from whatever past traumas you have, and deciding actively to move on and separate yourself from whoever was the abuser, perpetrator, or person who negatively impacted your life or really did anything that is inexcusable and cruel, etc. In order to move on, you have to let the past stay in the past and be as fully present as possible and look towards the future. Of course this takes a lot of psychic work. I won’t say that you have to really participate in “forgiveness” in order to let go of negative feelings and holding on/grasping/staying attached.

Here is the video from this person’s public Facebook page. Please feel free to comment and share thoughts and reactions:


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