Expressive Therapies Summit



My workshop was yesterday, 2-5pm and was amazing! I will post all about it soon. On Thursday I went to a great all day workshop about “Story Cloths”, really fascinating and intense. I have a new appreciation for the power of a small piece of fabric. My fingers hurt from sewing by the end of the day, but the story cloth I made at the bottom of this post is my favorite thing I made at the workshops I went to. Yesterday morning I went to a fun workshop about Found Objects and Art Therapy. The first photos are of the two creatures I made, a genderless alien named Zero and their side kick called 911. The last thing I did was put glue sticks on the top of Zero’s head as antennae. One fell off, but it was fun using the glue gun sticks as objects, which the workshop leader noted when I shared my piece. I had Zero talk for me.

It was an interesting process, as I expected to have a lot of fun, but you never know what will happen in workshops. At the beginning we were invited to pick an object out of a trash can the facilitator had filled with found objects. I took two, the old phone and the luggage tag window that I cut in half to make Zero’s eye glasses.

It was like waiting for cupcakes at a very long dinner, as the workshop leader had a lot of power points and discussion for over an hour and a half before we got to make our pieces. It was interesting but it’s hard to sit and listen that long when you have an object you know you’re going to be transforming and you’re itching to make something.

I noticed from the beginning I was really frustrated. The whole process was funny to me because I felt extremely anxious, probably more about my upcoming workshop but it felt like the anxiety was in the art making. I started with the round cardboard ring that is the face and the round thing that is the bigger eye on the left. I was trying to hang it in the middle of the circle using tape so it would be like a mandala. At some point someone brought in yarn and the black rope I ended up using and I decided to just glue the cardboard to the top.

Going to bed. I will update this tomorrow. Next goal is to make this website more than a blog, now that I finally have time and don’t have to be obsessing over my workshop!


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