Mini Vision Boards and 2020 Vision Boards

I just googled Vision Boards and saw there is a video, “How to make a vision board that actually works!”

In Art Therapy, your vision board already works because you are in the proces of making it and it “works” after you’ve made it. There are not criteria for it to “work”. It would be like telling someone who is daydreaming whether their fantasies work or not, except with a vision board, you actually have a concret object.

A vision board in art therapy is not about the Law of Attraction, although you may make a board about your desires for the purpose of them manifesting. I always tell people that imagining the most “impossible things” has no side effects as long as they are in your imagination, they can’t disappoint you because their existence is what they are, not some  desire that either gets fulfilled or not. You may imagine yourself flying or turning into an elephant; this image and fantasy still works even though it is highly unlikely to happen in this plane of reality. It may be happening in the Twilight Zone.

I often present the vision board as an art therapy projects to new clients if they want to try something because the process can help decrease perfectionism and rigid ideas. You simply pick out a bunch of magazines from  my collection, cut out images and words that appeal to you and glue them together in whatever arrangement you want on a big piece of paper, canvas board or cardboard. You can also print images you like from your photos or websites to add them to your vision board. Pinterest is kind of like making a lot of vision boards and making different categories for them. In fact, you can print images from Pinterest to include in your vision board.

I find it fascinating to see how people make their vision boards. There is no one way to do it. Some people spend a few sessions cutting out images and collecting them in an envelope. Then when they are done with that part, they arrange all the images on the “board” and glue them on to it. When gluing down images/words, some people overlap their images and join them together in interesting ways. Others keep each image separate from the others and leave a lot of space on their board. It seems like the process of making a vision board somehow call to you to fill the entire space. At times people use paint pens, rhinestones and little mirrors and other embellishments or colored wash tape, artist tape , duck tape, on their vision board. The tape can be put around the edges to provide a frame.

Others start cutting images and either arrange them or glue them immediately to their vision board without creating a composition. Sometimes people cut images that will be like “wallpaper” in the background and then cut the images to put on top.

I just discovered people are having Vision Board parties to make them for the new year/new decade. Yesterday I started my own 2020 vision board while making a mini double sided 2020 vision board to carry around. It is fun to try cutting images without thinking too much about them and then the surprise is a fun factor of the project, seeing what you ended up making without a preconceived idea about it. I wil post my 2020 large vision board here as an example.

To have a Vision Board Party, which intrigues me; I’ve never been to one, you probably need space to create and a lot of materials. Some people seem to be using astrology. YOu could use Tarot cards as a starting off point, whether for a group vision board party or on your own. Pulling Tarot cards for the new year can be fun.

Speaking of the New Year, I usually post on this blog my word for the year. Last year I had a longer process figuring out my word, which ended up being “Serendipity”. This year it was obvious and quick. My word for 2020 is MONEY!


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