Day 13: Wednesday 3/25/20

FYI some of these posts are going to be/seem frivolous during this serious period. The intent is to share my mundane experiences and model the coping skill of daily writing and taking time outs from seriousness as well as sometimes writing but about mental health/cognitive challenges (ADHD) with Covid 19.

So here’s ADHD part 2. I’m going to give myself points for actually following through with part 2!

I last went to my office Monday to do all remote sessions. The super Kendroid was the only other person in the building. I talked to him before leaving but we were both wearing masks so it was hard to communicate. I hope management lets him stay home. He has 2 young children.

Walking home around 8pm that night was scary and surreal. It had rained and the wet streets were empty; I’m down in Ground Zero territory usually filled with people. I left my studio knowing I might not be back for months. I didn’t take enough art supplies and had no system for what art supplies to bring home, due to ADHD not being able to plan ahead or prepare.

Just a side topic but I love dollskill clothing, They texted that they’re looking for models. Despite being 52 and awkward and not especially photogenic, I was excited to try to get an “audition” because it’s Covid time so why not try to model?

I also forgot to set a timer for 13 minutes.

I said in yesterday’s post I would talk about ADHD “magic powers”; I think “neurodiversity” is a real thing. There a book about it I gave them read. Every mental “disorder” has its side benefit, like, here are your perks. For example, people with eating disorders- here’s a great article about using symptoms positively in recovery:

What are strengths of ADHD people? Creativity is up there. My inability to follow sequences and quick boredom with things works well with art making and always having sometime to make with whatever materials are at hand. That comes in handy now. Energetic, spontaneous, inventive, hyper focused and ability to jump into the middle of something. I join people in the middle of a show’s season or movie, watch it with them and catch up later or forget to catch up.

I’ve always had a lot of energy and been over enthusiastic with new ideas. Then I get overwhelmed and crash. It’s happened with Covid 19; I started an art therapy Facebook group and got all these other ideas and now I’m overwhelmed. Especially with trying out social stuff. When should I plan a special art hangout w friends and happy hours (sober and drinkers)? When try to have meals with family members in other homes?

13 minutes are over. I have to make ADHD morning coffee which means remembering to make it whether it’s right after waking up or 2 hours later..,


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