Day 15: 13 Minutes

I always have topics to write about, then I forget them or write them somewhere and forget them.

I know one topic was about video sessions, an aspect I tend to forget about that a colleague mentioned, looking at yourself on the screen while the client is doing a video session with you.

No matter which platform you use, Zoom, VSee, FaceTime, WhatsApp, etc., you always see yourself as well as the other person. It happens with hangouts with friends too.

To some degree, you need to see yourself to make sure about the lighting and how much of you is in the screen, what does the other person see? What background are they seeing and is it distracting. Today I found out from a client that they can pick a background from their own photos.

Over this past two weeks of doing video sessions especially at home, I’ve noticed the lighting is very important, especially when it got dark and I was in my bedroom. The back lighting made my face even darker. It got better when I put up a backdrop with a red sheet and faced the other way. In making my home office, I had to put on Facetime to see how well it would work with video sessions for the height of my “desk” which is a steel shelf with full shelves on top as I don’t have a shelf the exact right size for it.

Anyway once you start your video session, you have a small box on the screen with you in it as well as the bigger box that is your client. Today I thought about how there are three people in the session, me, my client, and my video reflection caught by my computer camera. It’s like when you look in the mirror too long and start wondering who is on the other side? It can seem like it’s someone else. I saw a Twilight Zone where the guys mirror refleciton started talking to him and telling him what an asshole he was and how he’d wasted his life doing what other people told him to do.

I’m sure Rod Serling would enjoy making new Twilight Zone episodes right now. One could just involve something about a video session between a therapist and a client and some weird thing happening, maybe similar to the mirror one, where the therapist on the screen gets up and leaves and comes back and does weird things, and the client only sees that one and then you’re in the Twilight Zone.

So if that kind of thing happened, would the client be interacting with me or with the me they see on the screen as they only see one therapist; it would make sense that the one I see on the screen being the same as the one my client sees, I in the real physical world don’t really exist during the session. And with the camera on me and my office everythign is backwards.

Of course there is the added obvious Twilight Zone that we are all in this Covid 19 Twilight Zone that Serling already foresaw, maybe not a virus but other similar metaphorical “pandemics”.

13 minutes up. To be continued…

More photos of my office next week when it’s more organized…

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