Day 16: My Walk Outside

Going outside:

Everyone knows it’s dangerous to go outside or do just about anything outside in NY State, but even more so in NYC, where I am, a few blocks from Ground Zero.

My goal for self-care for the weekend was to go outside. Living with a higher-level person or whatever language they used that I forgot, who has a pulmonologist, that really says everything. The other day we found out the pulmonologist had never seen anything like this and was scared (for good reason; all of his patients are at risk.)

I put on latex gloves and a mask used by people who sand and make stuff

So toady I had 2 packages to return to two different online stores. There is a UPS store down the street and they’re open. I dropped off one return there. (Side note: when I got the packages of clothes I hadn’t yet heard Faucci say, don’t worry about your packages. He was referring to the usual boxes like Amazon, not plastic ones. I was confused as to how to open them, whether to wear gloves, etc. and put the bags in the garbage. Luckily once I figured out there were clothing items that need to be returned, I got the bags out of the garbage which hardly had anything in them, waited two days and wiped them with Clorox wipes.

These mundane things are now part of daily life,. My 12 year old pointed out that we are now primary sources, so all my writing, art and comic strip are primary sources from the Covid 19 period of global history, like in the Handmaid’s tale book, it turns out it was a cassette tape from that time. Anyway, I needed to pick up prescriptions at the pharmacy and go to the post office. At the post office I noticed the person weighing the stuff and dealing with the price was not wearing gloves but the guy moving packages around was wearing blue gloves.

Then, already being outside, I decided to take a walked down the street to the twin tower pools/9/11 memorial. Of course there was a chain thing around it barring anyone from going close to the pools. Usually people walk around reading names, searching for names and looking into the falling water. It was raining a little. Then I walked to the closed fountain near the freedom tower which has a 9/11 Dedication.


I guess this is my weekend post for today and tomorrow, to be continued. Photos to be posted soon.

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