Day 17: 13 Minutes: What’s Your Covid “Crazy”?

Warning: Narcissism, Vanity and Frivolity- no Disrespect to the Bad Covid Crisis sweeping the nation and world

Living in NYC, seemingly the epicenter, the worst area in the entire planet to be with Covid 19, doing worse than Italy or maybe even Wuhan, is a weird feeling, especially as I’m “quarantined”ish in the same apartment I was living in when 9/11 happened, down the street from the trade crenter. See yesterday’s post for photos from the 9/11 Memorial Area. I mention this to say this is especially surreal as the majority of people livng in my neighborhood were not here during 9/11…

So according to the Primary Source info I mentioned last post, I am a primary source from 9/11 now writing as a primary source for Covid 19 downtown World Trade Center NYC.

FYI New Yorkers, be careful out there. I think Whole Foods got the memo; they have long lines because they’re only letting few people in at a time and have a 7-8am senior hour. At first I thought, what about seniors that don’t wake up so early? and then realized, they get to come to the store when it’s cleanest and least dangerous at the beginning of the day, so very wise idea.

Anyway I just got back from the nearby Target as the Whole Foods line was too long. Be careful in Target. The employees aren’t wearing gloves or masks and the same goes for most of customers. We now leave our house with masks and latex gloves on; upon returning, we leave everything in bags except for perishables and wait a day or two to take stuff out.

The masks totally fog up my glasses, so I’m lucky to not be on the front lines not being able to see. I guess those folks have better masks; I hope so. I have a 6-month long runny nose,. so that plays into it too. My nose runs inside the mask and I can’t use a kleenex. Not a big deal; I’m grateful to go outside at all, but after we saw Whole Foods was too long a wait and thought about walking to the river, we decided to go to home, stopping at Target on the way home. That in itself is depressing, to finally get outside but be too demoralized to go on a longer pleasant walk to the river and grassy knoll.

Are we just lazy and unable to walk far due to confinement and lack of exercise? Maybe. I thought that until I realized the real reason is that the masks are so uncomfortable they make the concept of a nice walk to the river unpleasant, plus you have to look out for other humans to stay six feet away from. I guess the trick is to go later in the day but not too late as to get mugged/attacked because it will be deserted. I also live close to the area near PS 89 where that terorist guy ran his truck into people on Halloween a few years ago.

That was just an intro about going outside today with a list of food to get and adjusting with a detour to Target.

Here’s the topic I was going to write about: my Friday escapades and forays into the territory of what I call, “Do crazy things because it’s Covid 19 so anything that is safe – go for it!” Full confession: I love hearing about modelling and I do love fashion and probably as a young kid was jealous of people who were so perfect to be models. Part of this was being best friends with a kid so gorgeous people stopped in the street to stare at her. She did one or two modelling gigs probably age 5 or less and then stopped because she didn’t like it. At the time I probably would have liked it as I was a little exhibitionist/attention seeker. Around age 7 I would leave the kitchen then listen near the door to see if people were talking about me.

Fast forward around 45 years later. Last week an open casting call from Dollskill shows up on my phone: “Dolls Kill: Wanna Be Our Next Model?!? #BEADOLL ONLINE CASTING CALL startz Now!! Bring Ur Phone & Ur best Angle 😉 Peep Deetz Here>>”

I shop a lot at Dollskill because I like the clothing on their site that I would call “PG13”, as there are plenty of items for young people into showing flesh and/or S and M types of lingerie, so something for everyone, from long baggy t shirts to g strings.

I debated whether to try the casting thing mostly to have fun picking out an outfit and taking photos. There were some sample photos people had already uploaded and they ran the gamit. I took it very literally and put on pants I just got from their website and earrings by them as well as my skull/key necklace from them. I think a lot of people were focused on the photos and not the clothes. I had a week to change my mind and almost decided to not bother but got some encouragement, “How can you win if you don’t try?” meaning, just do it and don’t chicken out. The goal was obviously not to win. I’ve been in art contests and never won first prize and that’s my career/talent/wheelhouse.

With Covid 19 and being in the house all the time, putting together an outfit with jewelry makeup and shoes (ah Shoes: We shoe people have been hit hard by being homebound. How can you wear your cool boots/platform converses if you’re not going outside? I wore my pink vegan Doc Martens as they sell a lot of Doc Martens on their site. Then we took photos in the hallway right outside my front door. This loft building means each apartment occupies one floor and there’s not much to touch or worry about and we constantly clean all doorknobs.

Anyway I did the “photoshoot” and picked some photos to post on Instagram iwth the hashtags and all. I got a lot of likes and it turned out to be my most popular recent Instagram post which just proves that people are bored and like weird photos over the usual posts of artwork. Anyway, it was fun and I posted it on my Weekend Self-Care Thread in my DBT class and got nice reactions. One person said the photo of me on the floor made her feel grounded, probably the weirdest reaction so far.

Of course I will post the photos here. I refrained from posting them to my personal Facebook as I am always paranoid about cousins thinking I’m always posting self involved narcisistic things. No evidence to this except overhearing conversatiosn at a funeral. I have an aunt and some lovely cousins who see my posts and like them, so why the paranoia about the other people?

So this is my first, “Covid 19 Made me Do this” do this at home activity… What’s yours? I hope I come up with some more in the coming weeks.

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