Day 71: 5/22: Metaphors of Burial Mounds; Glitter or no Glitter?

I’m still working on Burial Mounds; they may seem abstract. I also buried house shapes in the mounds.

I made this drawing in the dark a few nights ago watching Six Feet Under. I was excited that a black flair pen actually kept working when they usually run out quickly.

If the mounds are time, the bottom layer is the beginning of the pandemic and the top layers continue. Am I emerging from the mound? I could envision a painting of it, of coming out of it, climbing out. So far I have been stuck in it.

This mound I cut out of the old altered book. I’m still not done writing the NYC death numbers in April, day by day.
This is the piece from last Friday in session.
This is the same painting I’m covering with ripped up pages from Cobain’s journal and threw gold glitter on it.

I do keep making things on top of other things. I covered a painting I made in a session last week or started to cover it with ripped up pieces of this altered book I’m making now.

Art has a different feeling than before. Making stuff. One person said there was too much glitter in the painting of the mound. Another liked it for the glitter.

The glitter started as a kind of texture as I did not sand. Then I got coffee grinds and soil. The glitter is an interesting thing that could symbolize burying people with food and objects from life.

I’m still considering using my dogs ashes in a painting, and not the typical one where I paint my dog. I would put it in a mound painting. I still haven’t opened the box and admit I’m a bit creeped out as well as super intrigued…

I thought I’d end up with a pretty complete altered book by the end of this. I’ve worked on them for 71 days now but because I destroyed the two volumes ofthe first book, I’m not that far into the second book.

All this to say I’m thinking of starting to go back to my office/art studio. I will continue remote sessions for a while, as I don’t want to worry about the variables of people coming in and out and the germs and wearing masks and gloves. But I did pay for all of April and for May and in April I didn’t work there and most of May too. I even got rid of my internet there and changed my address.

It will be weird going back. I’m not going to go from working here to going back. I will not work late in the night because I dont’ want to walk back alone. I’ll probably do it a few days part of the day next week and slowly change over.

It will be weird being back and not seeing anyone all dayas opposed to workign at home and living with people at the same time.

I saw on the news in Berlin people acting like nothing happened. Gathering places, sitting in coffee shops, no masks on. So odd and disconcerting. Are Germans special that they won’t get another wave?

We will be wearing masks and putting mail in boxes and having inside shoes and washing hands a lot for a long time, maybe for a year or more.

When do I end this day count? When I’m fully back in my office? When I no longer wear a mask? When someone says the pandemic is indeed over?

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