Day 73:

This new writing tool in wordpress is very annoying. Anyway I was thinking of this poem with the repettive line of for the loss of this, the that was something or other. I remembered a horse.

I searched around and finally found this poem by Benjamin Franklin. I know little about him as I forgot all that I learned in high school but random stuff. I was excited to finally find this rime I kept hearing in my head with no words.

For the want of a nail the shoe was lost,

For the want of a shoe, the horse was lost,

For the want of a horse, the rider was lost,

For the want of a rider, the kingdom was lost,

and all for the loss of a horse shoe nail.

Here’s my attempt to describe my day and earlier hardships of quarantine:

For the want of catching a mouse, holes were found,

For the want of filling holes, the sink was removed.

For the want of the sink moved, the washing machine was moved.

For the want of putting back the washing machine with much labor,

A leak was found,

For the want of fixing the leak of the water on/off switch to everything,

A part was ordered and a bucket used,

And all for the want of a dead mouse, which magically appeared under the stove.

End of my attempt at the poem

So the triad of terribles in quarantine were: still having mouse/mice after months of work at getting rid of them, the dryer wasn’t working already, then the washer stopped working.

I wrote a bunch of stuff and erased the wrong stuff. Oh well. Things keep happening that continue to mean the kitchen is filled with stuff that goes in the laundry room. One thing gets fixed, then another suddenly stops working.

I’m going to say that there was a day in quarantine when I was in a terrible mood and really also angry as hell. I was dying to kill the mouse. I wished I could hit it over the head with something.

You have to understand that these mice started to appear in mid November. I won’t get into too much detail, but if you hire an exterminator they just put poison around and do not fill holes, at least the ones the Management Company was going to hire.

Anyway the get rid of the mice problem campaign began in erneast. It was good in that we stored all food out of the fridge in plastic containers and eating popcorn on the couch had a whole new risk to it.

If you had someone who for half a year came into your house, ate your food, ran around hiding from you and pooping everywhere and worst of all, darting out to run across some area of your house with no announcement or calling card, after that long a time, you’d be happy to have that person dead.

So it’s been an anoying day but a dead mouse was found, only the second one since the big mouse issue began. I’m hoping we patched up the holes well and will not see one again, but I’m not stupid. A battle has been won, important holes have been filled, but these creatures are relentless and are happy to quarantine with you after they’ve overstayed their welcome for four months of battle.

Anyway as much as I’m constantly imagining moving and living in a great house with a big garage work room and all sorts of other lovely specific office type rooms, I am still aware of being grateful for the small things.


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