Day 1: NYC Phase 2

I guess this is some kind of new day count. I’m still trying to write everyday. I signed up for the Shut Up and Write’s poetry prompts so maybe I will find some kind of way to improve my writing.

I really thought that like with drawing, if you write daily, you can’t help but get better at writing. I’m not sure if it’s true or not. Today I felt good about my drawing for the first time in a while.

I walked to my studio today and it was Cops With No Masks Part 2. On Friday evening I saw it and this morning in broad daylight a bunch of them hanging out with no masks. There must be a way to start some new branches of city workers that do work the cops are obviously incapable of doing, besides of course, dealing with houseless people and people with mental illness.

I know more about mental illness than pandemics and viruses, but it seems for sure it is true that it’s much safer to walk the streets with some kind of mask or face covering. A lot of people seem to have forgotten that just 100 days ago, it was so scary here we had no idea how long it would go on and if we would see the sunlight for the rest of the year.

Here are my list of good things:

  1. I actually received my absentee ballot in the mail and filled it out. Some people only received another form and had to go line up somewhere. So I’m grateful for that. I filled mine out and got a paper cut on my lip closing the envelope. I mailed them in the mailbox on the way to work. I can still feel the paper cut and it’s one of those things, it’s just a tiny paper cut, but it’s a reminder of all the blood shed and sweat and suffering that has led to my having the paper in my hand and filling it out and mailing it. It’s incredible all the fighting it took just for that, and obviously, as we know, the fight for real justice rages on. So I’m grateful to have had that privelege and filled it out.
  2. A little note found and texted to me that my kid wrote years ago. I will post it here. It made my day.
  3. Fountain pens and ink and drawing with them.
  4. Picked up sushi for my child at the place we like that now has a B rating but we’re desperate so we eat from there anyway.
  5. One of my clients speaking out in a very important way that could have gone badly but went well and he spoke his truth which was very healing.

One thought on “Day 1: NYC Phase 2

  1. >> Cops With No Masks Part 2
    This made me laugh. Not that the underlying reality is funny, but i just liked the idea of noncompliant city employees as sequel.
    Where’s the note? We want to see the note!


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