Day 38: More Weird Covid Art and Purple!

First I did this hammerhead in my comic strip.
Today I started this oil painting
And this drawing in a session today.

I was excited about drawing the hammerhead from looking at a photo of one in the comic strip. (I usually am behind a few days so I did Tuesday, yesterday and today this morning.) it worked in the comic strip. Then I tried drawing another hammerhead during a session from my head. I got this seemingly great idea to do an oil painting like it and thought maybe I will start a series of shark paintings.

The oil painting, the first photo in this post, was kind of disappointing even though it’s not finished. Maybe I need to do a much bigger one. It’s so frustrating when I get excited about an idea and it doesn’t work out so great. There is some way drawings and paintings are so different I can’t easily go from one to the other.

Maybe if I finish the painting I will feel like it worked out better. The shark needs to be more in contrast to the water or maybe it needs to take up more space. I should probably start at least two more of them as I’m still attached to the idea of psychedelic or weird colored paintings of sharks, maybe just hammerheads or maybe not. Still it felt good to open up the oil paints at my oil paint table. Now I have “stations”- a drawing one in the first room, a painting and collage etc one and a separate oil painting table near the easel and in the back my yoga and tarot cards etc area where my purple accent wall will be!

I got the paint today so of course I had to open it and see how it looks. It was very exciting. The color in the can is the exact color- my favorite. In the wall it’s darker but that’s fine.

Ooohhhh. I wanted my room this color as a kid. Now my dream is coming true!

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