10/14/20: The Pen

I’ve been obsessing about a pen: yes-a fountain pen and yes-Retro 51.

I was browsing EBay last week and came across their 30th anniversary pens which are beautiful.

This is the link to the description of how the Company started and the material cellulose acetate that these 3 pieces are made of:


So I found a bunch of the fountain pens on EBay going for outrageous prices, ranging from an auction I lost-around $103 for a used one, to 284$ or so. I tried offers where you ask for a price lower than the listing. I got a bunch declined.

Then the person asking for $175 offered me $160. I wrote them and said I have a $150 anniversary gift from my in laws and wanted to spend it on the pen, so the seller dropped the price to $150. It’s true about the anniversary gift and felt appropriate to spend it on the 30th anniversary pen, totally new one from the limited edition of 1951. If they mean total pieces, there was a pen and pencil as well, so that makes the fountain pen more rare. It came out on July 22, 2020 with the pen 65$ and my fountain pen $100. So I’m spending 50 percent more than if I’d bought it then.

Here’s a photo of all 3:

The most I’ve spent on one of their pens or any pen is $94. I just bit the bullet and paid. It’s Pandemic Time: Once in a while it’s fun to do something outrageous like go on a luxury cruise with other people’s (parents’) tickets, enter a modeling contest or pay a big price for a beautiful special 11th anniversary-9/9/09, pen. I will make a special drawing when I receive it.

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