I wrote a very long boring post about ADHD and decided it’s definitely a draft. I just reread Gun Roswell’s poem that I reposted. Funny coincidence, today I found out what the song Tell me why I don’t like Mondays is about while watching West Wing. I never knew anything about it. Then I listened to it and Manic Monday, a song I’ve always liked. Maybe there are Monday poems and songs.

Stay positive. There must be something positive to write about. I finished another drawing filled with cups. I should take a photo.

I don’t have to wait until Monday:

I don’t have to wait until Monday

To draw cups on top of each other and pitchers or pears

I have lots of pens with the right amount of painty ink in odd colors for pens

Today wasn’t a Monday. It was Saturday.

Today I finally finished coloring in a drawing with a raw sienna type color. Cups have handles you can draw in different ways.

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