10/27 Tuesday ie. Yesterday

I will continue with the photo diary. It’s my fun ADHD invention for capturing the day when I forgot to post or didn’t make time for it or have time for it:

I found this book on Overdrive from NYPL. She adds in others’ experiences which I love. Haven’t finished it.

I read this a while ago when my 13 year old and I were each reading OCD novels.

I already wrote about this. It disappeared. Suffice it to say after fixing the washer and dryer B. Is now fixing the freezer mostly cause by M’s penchant for eating ice every chance she gets and not closing the door properly. Who said an ice addiction is harmless?
Our mail in ballots. We voted! Yay! Goodbye Trump. Hello Biden and Harris. Cross fingers and toes.
His legs came off. 2 other photos looking exactly the same… from my childhood
Saw the leaves walking back from Soho Art Supplies store after mailing ballots.
Also nearby. I saw these and thought, “This is what I’m supposed to be making to get into galleries. Uh oh 😦 “
Recommended to my supervision group.
It’s a great book. I’m into Caitlin Doughty. Mortician with a great YouTube channel…
Drawings I’ve been working on fir Small Works Competition which I will maybe submit when done. They’re 6 x 12 inches…
Yesterday’s workout, part of a Nike Training Club Program. I can’t help it. I’m addicted to Kirsty Godso’s workouts. Screenshot.

And those are yesterday’s photos, random but shared in order from day to night!


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