Sunday, 13/13: Workshop

It’s called Gnarly New History: Altered Book Making for Refreshed Perspectives and Renewed Sociological Context.

The facilitated Kamaria Wells was awesome. I think she’s getting her PhD or something at NDNU, Notre Dame de Namur University in California.

Of course I got to my studio at 10:30 and tried to get into the Zoom and it said it would open at 1:30. I got very confused. I had set up a ton of materials and my food at the back of the studio.

After much confusion and emailing the person in charge and getting no answer I figured out it was Pacific Time. I told B and said how stupid I am and he said maybe they didn’t make it clear but it said it on all the announcements next to the time. B still said it’s an honest mistake others would have done, just stay and do some oil painting and do something nice tor yourself which was very sweet as I was set to beat myself up and also force myself to do something not fun, like work on the book proposal.

Starting over a still life that went wrong. You can see the pear on left side

Instead I painted. And relaxed. Then my friends came by to pick up a few paintings one of them bought a whole year ago at my holiday sale in the 2019 innocent approach towards 2020, when I thought I’d be having studio sales every few months.

The workshop was awesome, could have been longer. More on it tomorrow; I’m too tired to write. Here are some photos of the book I started:

The Book I chose was “The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich”

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