Saturday December 26: My Sister the Serial Killer

To be clear, I have a sister and she is not a serial killer. At one point in her career there may have been a possibility that she could have defended a serial killer as a criminal defense lawyer, but she is focused on “white collar” crime.

I want to read more in the new year and want to start while I’m on my “staycation.” M. has been reading a lot, like for 2 hours at a time, and telling me about books she’s reading.

She loaned me a book she finished recently, “My Sister the Serial Killer”. She said it’s really good and I’d like it. It is about a woman whose sister is a serial killer, as the book says. It takes place in Nigeria, so as I don’t know anything about Nigeria except the negative stereotype that hackers and swindlers on email and the internet say they’re in Nigeria and need help. I think that is old anyway, from the early 2000s. Anyway the book is great. The sister’s name is Ayoola, a great name. Ayoola leads a charmed life and her sister, a nurse and fastidous about cleaning, is her finisher, or whatever you call the person you call upone to fix things with the dead body and mess left from the kill.


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