1/12/21:Friend Acrostic

Wow. My birthday will be 2/1/21. 2121

Write a poem about friend, can be a being or object.

Try acrostic. This is not great but it’s the best I could do.

Title: Have not One Friend

Ashes of friendships don’t keep. I don’t keep dead friendship in an urn. Would you?

She didn’t like the secret I told her. Kill the messenger.

Hearts beating together. Believing your lies

Ever for years. Never again. All traces gone, save the doggie in the box.

So goodbye to you. You never existed.

To end a bad apple you have to bite and spit out. Poison’s in the inside.

Oh but the friend that was true. Why is she dead and not you?

As beautiful outside as in you were.

She was one of a few- sisters

Heed this, never have but one friend.

Endings, endings, endings

So yes, have three. One may end in fire, one may die too early, one may be a dog.


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