1/13/21: Poetry Day 4

Topic: Journey

Device: Simile

This could be very trite. Maybe I can think of something funny.

The Journey

Between my desk in one room

To my purple wall furthest away in the second room

Lies the journey between sitting on a desk chair

And sitting on a yoga mat on the floor

With handmade dolls hanging on the dark purple wall.

I walk through the doorway between

Like a bridge between an office on the second floor and a

Magical enchanted queendom.

It’s here in the presence of the magic dark purple, a color coveted for over 40 years finally embodied in reality.

The purple wall is my Twilight Zone.

It’s filled with 2 black snoopers and a little Snoopy hand made doll, a blue tiny elephant, a unicorn.

The blankets are my flying carpets.

It’s on my own planet where some people beam in on screen.

Today we did special Tarot cards.

Oh no. Reality bites. Time to take off my magic bootie slippers put on shoes and a mask to go over the bridge into the first room out into the hallway to the toilet.

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