Wednesday January 20, 2021; Inauguration Day

I had a dream last night that I either was given or found this dog, a white poodle bigger than the poodle I used to have who also was white but had black markings I called angels kisses despite angels not being real,

Anyway in the dream I was feeding the dog weird stuff and then added dry dog food. I was in someone else’s house. Then I took her up to the roof and this person reminded me that I shouldn’t be there because of my fear of heights. I named the dog Purple and was trying to get a collar for her but couldn’t. I’m not afraid of heights.

I really wanted the dog when I woke up and thought the name Purple was cool.

Maybe a new dog was representing a new president. Dreaming it the morning of Inauguration. There is danger of falling off the roof. Not really. I don’t know what it means except I miss having a poodle and purple is my favorite color. Long ago I took a few classes about dream interpretation. You start with the setting, so an unknown house with a roof I was afraid of . So the state of my psyche involves being in a strange place that’s potentially dangerous, and not my place. I can’t really figure it out. The dog wasn’t super excited about me.

I’m too tired to figure it out.

Just glad the news earlier about the inauguration was about people’s outfits and Bernie’s mitten, and the poet laureate; then you know nothing bad happened this afternoon. I was at work and missed it live.

It was nice to come home to see Biden has already started working thanks to the pandemic partly as he didn’t get balls or parties…


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