2/19/21 Questions

So I’m watching this great interview I just posted and talking to the friend who sent it my way, also about our teens and bed time.

So teenagers have biological clocks where if let be, they all stay up late and sleep late. If they don’t have to wake up for school they stay up and then wake up at 9 or 10.

Why do high schools start so early? Why are 6 and 7 year olds expected to sit for long hours learning? Anyway I remember I started drinking coffee by 7th grade, maybe earlier. In upper school, I’d wake up and go in the too brightly lit kitchen and get my coffee and sit with my head down typical don’t talk to me teen attitude. Surrounded by early morning people.

A while back I watched 9 to 5: I hadn’t seen it in years. It starts with the three women not liking each other, kind of pitted against each other.

The message is really powerful. In this case smoking pot gets the three women together with a goal instead of against each other. Anyway they come up with a plan and kidnap the sexual assault disgusting CEO and lock him in his house even string him up so there’s no way he can leave. They go to their workplace and institute stuff like allowing people to choose their hours and days of work; they start a daycare for parents to drop their kids off at. They do some other stuff. Suddenly the company is not only running better- it’s because the employees have that freedom and choice and they address real concerns. The stuff they do in that movie is still not happening in every workplace- it’s still radical!

We’re living in a broken system. In May and June during the height of the protests and brutal responses, people were seeing it. How broken is it? Can it be fixed by adding construction here and fixing a rotting pipe there metaphorically or is the house impossible to rebuild and does it need to be destroyed to start over?

Community building is definitely one of the ways to affect change. Individualism keeps people from changing structures. Vertical power structures do it too. When you have a horizontal structure people have different skills they can work together on equal level. “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs!” I always remembered this from studying Marx.


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