2/22/21:Another Day

While days in pandemic are often repetitive and feel the same, at the same time it’s amazing how much can happen in one day. I’ve been writing down time I go to bed and time I wake up as it’s one of the things in this program I’m trying to follow. Sleep of course is a big deal with working out. It’s a big deal with everything. I often talk to clients about sleep as it affects mood so extremely. The 12 Step Sums up triggers caused by your body as “hungry, angry, lonely, tired”. Often with anxiety and depression and substance use and everything else, food and mood and sleep and mood are connected and the feelings angry and lonely can be exacerbated by not sleeping or eating enough or healthy enough.

I thought I was all over the place with sleep but what I’ve learned so far is I go to bed at random times but seem to sleep a few minutes over 8 hours.

Anyway today was a lot, home stuff and work stuff.

Now that I’m back in the reading groove and also finished “I’m not Dying With You Tonight” yesterday, I picked up a book I got last year and decided to read it cover to cover. Will My Cat Eat My Eyeballs? I also got Malcolm X’s Autobiography from the library for a reread. I’m tempted to start it but I have that Doctor Memoir due back in 3 days. It seems impossible-to just start a book finish it, then start the next one but at least I can try to focus on one, finish it then read the next.

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