Tuesday 2/23/21

Long Day. Tried working out in my studio for the first time. It wasn’t that bad and I didn’t need ear pods. I wear EarPods or over the head headphones all day which eventually gets annoying.

I have to get my Family Calendar done on Shutterfly. I make one every year to send to extended family. It usually is such a complicated project that o can’t get it done by January 1 so I started making the first month March. It’s a 12 month calendar so the one from 2020 includes January and February 2021.

It’s hard to have photos from 2020 to put in the calendar as there were many months of being stuck at home.

This year I’m going to try to get it done as quickly as possible.

Starting now. After that the next big project that will get in the way of doing art will be getting taxes done on time, which is a first for me as I always take the extension deadline of October 15, but we haven’t gotten our tax refund from 2019 and we haven’t gotten the Covid check or checks.

Meanwhile the 8th grade teachers decided to load up homework the week of essays and applications for public high schools. Then they added to the load by making the yearbook page due on 2/25- tomorrow. You’re supposed to write several essays and do science as well as telling each unique school why you want to go there and sum up your middle school experience with a photo collage for one page of your last yearbook before high school.


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