3/17/21: Instagram

I have 2 Instagram accounts, bit public and “professional”. My artist one is @natashart art art and I post works in progress as well as finished work. I recently got good advice regarding posting art on Facebook. Only post finished work and post it separately, not in groups. Great advice.

My artist Instagram is a mess. A young person, you can guess who, even a few years ago knowledgeable on Instagram presentation told me my Instagram shouldn’t be all over the place. Look at others; they’re very curated and not chaotic. So I could archive most of my Instagram and redo it.

I’m back to paying attention to it because I’ve been lax posting and lazy not writing or putting hashtags on it. In the second Season of “You”, the show about the romantic serial killer, there’s a cool teen character whom he doesn’t kill. She tells him it’s uncool to have hashtags because people should see your Instagram without needy hashtags basically. I was validated by that but I’m not someone with lots of followers and I stopped hashtagging on my artist account because of laziness.

I heard about this thing called Crit Connections about connecting artists so you get assigned an artist and do virtual sharing of studio visits.

So I searched for it and sent an email asking to participate. I had already thought about how my Instagram is a mess. I started archiving again and it was too much for my ADHD. I feel like I should archive most of it and start over. My art therapy Instagram looks good because I only post my daily comic strip on it so the posts go well together when you see all the squares next to each other.

I noticed I have several themes- photos of stuff in my studio called “pieces of the studio”, a bunch of random selfies sprinkled around, and cool or funny things I’ve taken photos of. Then of course there’s a lot of artwork including my sketchbook project art and my other art.


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