4/6/21 Shut Up and Write Poetry Challenge

First prompt for April. I’m starting late.

Write a poem by completing the lines below. Keep it short and sweet. For those who are just getting comfortable with poetry, rhyming and cadence are completely optional. For the experienced poets in the room, let’s make this one a ballad with the ABABBCBC rhyming scheme.

(Your Name)
Who… (A)
Loves… (B)
Whose heart… (A)
And whose skin crawls when… (B)
I cheer for/when… (B)
And cry for/when… (C)
There is nothing I want more… (B)
But… (C)
(Your Name)

Happy writing!

In “The Book Thief” I found the line:

“My heart is tired.”

Am I a person whose heart is tired

Or is my brain tired and

my heart hungry?

There is a Russian song

where the singer sings to his heart,

“Thank you my heart, for being so good at the art of love.”

My dad sang the original Russian song

and played the record of it

when I was growing up.

If I called him right now,

He would sing it for me.

I am half Russian,

but my heart is wholely Russian.

Please Share Your Thoughts!

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