When Does It Stop Being Art?

This blogger raises some interesting questions that intrigue me as an artist especially as right now I am engaging in abstract drawings and not having a background at all the same time as I can’t figure out what to paint on my circles…


Here’s a question for you. When does abstract art stop being art? Maybe that sounds like a silly question, but I’d love to hear your thoughts. We’ve previously wrestled around a bit with how and why abstract art can be real art — which I now agree it can be — but do we ever need to draw a line and say, “Sorry, but no, this is not art”…?

A couple days ago I mentioned doing a background for an abstract painting I was getting ready to do. I finished the painting later that day. I do like a lot about it. I love the colors. It feels hopeful in some way. I titled it “I Believe I Can Fly”, because that’s what the painting made me think about, sort of like Peter Pan taking Wendy’s hand and leading her into the unknown.

I can see a lot of things…

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