Slow Down and Breathe, Fake Nails

Today I got the Threshold archetype card. I think it means standing on the edge of something, about to enter something new or retreat bacwards out of fear. The Door, The Gate, The Initiation- she calls it and says I’m entering a new reality, becoming different, shedding dead parts of myself. Even turning into someone I don’t recognize. I don’t know what that means yet. It feels true.

Maybe it’s taking risks like sending in a poem to NPR Poetry; they are asking anyone to send a poem about emergence, probably the theme of emerging from the pandemic into something new to everyone. Personally what it means to me I don’t know yet. I did just tell some people I can start taking clients in person in sessions with masks on, only 5 clients max, the ones that are close by… so for sure it will be the first time in a year and two – three months since a client has crossed the threshhold of my studio.

Anyway the other thing, maybe related or not is the fake nails. I first saw them on clients. One was a dancer and trainer and had really long tapered pointy nails. It was impossible not to watch them as she moved her hands. They were beautiful but looked impossible to use, however dancing and training at the gym means using your hands. Another client had them on too and discussed the extreme shape of the tips with me. This was long ago, prepandemic, maybe when the nail thing was new, or at least there were more kinds and it was more common or more of a trend.

Recently my 13 year old bought the stick on adhesive kind and put them on without telling me. She showed them to me and they looked really cool. So the other day we went to Target and I got the stick on nails and she got the ahesive kind, the French manicure short nail version. I kind of wish I had done the same thing because I didn’t realize how long the ones I got would be.

I put them on today. Any idiot can follow the directions but I put a few on upside down.

As is obvious, doing things is different when you have thee nails on. I always wondered what people with even longer ones manage their daily activities.

I noticed myself getting impatient with how long things take to do and then realized that these nails might be more profound that I thought. They are mindfulness nails, forcing me to slow down and breathe and be more patient, helping me notice life details about things, the kind of interesting things you mostly notice when you slow down.

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