Card: The Mother of Cups

I’m jumping decks. Today it was Kim Karb’s’ Wild Unknown Tarot. She did the Archetype cards. Her drawings are beautiful. FYI, the experiment with fake nails and slowing down failed. They don’t work, so I clipped them short so I can still have them on and do things with my hands.

Usually the “queen” or mother of cups is a bountiful card. Cups are emotion. This card has a swan on it. I associate swans with aggression. They are badass birds. Like horses, you need to respect them because they can seriously injure you; horses can kill. Swans are not friendly and cuddly. Like many beautiful animals, they are not to be messed with. I woulnd’t get too close to a peacock either. The queen of cups is usually sort of maternal. Maybe the swan is angry at me for going and impulsively getting a huge piece of cake on Day 9. I’m not punishing myself. I’ll start Day 9 again tomorrow but I won’t start the whole thing over.

Wall of dolls for studio visit

I have something to write. A chapter for my friend’s book. I don’t know the due date and should find out. It’s confusing as a topic. I will write it here or at least start the writing here soon.

So the cups are emotion. What do I feel right now looking at the card? Annoyed that I wasted my youth, that I didn’t like how I looked, but of course I was much more attractive than I felt. That my best friend in elementary school was the gorgeous swan and I was like the brown ugly swan. Vanity. Caring about surface things like looks. Not wanting to be old and have grey thinning hair. Mother’s Day coming up soon. Her wing seems to be protecting the cup.

Next week I will see a few clients in person for the first time. That seems momentous. Maybe I’m being generous, as part of me is doing it for them more than for me. I do enjoy having my studio be only mine, an art studio.

I’m in something called Crit Connection- thanks to another artist pointing me towards it. A group on Instagram where you get assigned an artist every month and have virtual studio visits. I started last month. It is great. I was starving to connect with other artists or find any kind of community that I wouldn’t leave after a day.

Last month I had a felt and mixed media artist in Chicago. This month Los Angeles. We’re having two separate visits, so my art was today. She was great and had great things to say. I was so happy I ran out and got cake before the evil Billy’s closes, 5pm.

I will write more about the artists and the experience. Right now I’m so greatful to be part of it. I usually don’t get accepted into anything involving art and artists, so I was worried I would be rejected when I contacted the person in charge of it.

Kim says the Mother of Cups is Insightful and Psychic. Mothers Intuition? My mom told me she had an eye in the back of her head and I believed her. I told my kid the same. Like a true swan she can become agressive and defensive. It’s true that as a mother, one is not just gentle and sweet. You need to have aggression for disciplining/setting boundaries and protecting your kid from bad stuff.

Mother of Cups: healing to those around her. Card is associated with beauty and the arts. Like this Crit Connection. My artist today has two young kids, so two mother artists having time to share about art and the art making process. We said nothing about our kids of course. A studio visit with just an hour – every minute is precious and about art and the process. She gave me a few artists I’ve never heard of to explore! YAY! Jean Fautrier and Ellen Gallagher.

I’m looking them up now. More tomorrow.

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