Friday, May 7: Card for the Day

It’s Tuesday. I thought I posted this Friday but it got left in drafts.

Last Friday, 5/7: The day is nearing an end, so maybe I shoud pick some kind of spread; I woud but I’m too tired. Today was better than yesterday. Here is my card. My 6pm seems to have disappeared.

I’m actually going to pick from a silly deck, Edward Gorey’s Fantod deck. All the cards are gruesome so it should be fun.

I got The Tunnel, a dark black card portending nothing but darkness. Maybe it represents my studio. I have had to move around and clean up the first room because on Monday I have my first client in person and then another one the next day. I left the second room open with no place to sit, since these two people always sit in the first room. Maybe the second room is my tunnel.

The book says: Monday, sexual disturbance, a swindle, loss of wits, diseases of the blood, angst, false trust, an irrational project, an unpleasant discovery, bad luck, an execution, boredom, panic.

What did we expect! This is Edward Gorey after all. Luckily it’s Friday. Friday is The Urn: broken communications, a forged invitation, alginuresis, and other fun stuff.

I’m loooking up alginuresis; painful urination. Luckily that wasn’t the card I drew. Mine has plenty of great stuff in it. There’s always an irrational project going on. Maybe it is the second room in the studio. An unpleasant discovery. I guess that is the client missing their session, which is weird and uncharacteristic. Let’s hope none of the other things listed explain the client’s absence. I’ll post a picture of a drawing I finished today, despite having 10 sessions including this missed one.

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