May 9, 2021 Happy Mother’s Day

Private post: don’t read if you’re a client or whatever.

Waiting in line for bagels to go uptown to my parents.

Just picked a card from my app, Trusted Tarot: a terrible card so great for today just being sarcastic. I was already in a shitty mood. I can’t find my planner anywhere, daily life with ADHD. For instance yesterday going to an art show at a book store on Avenue A I walked us all the way to Avenue D before realizing we’d past it. That’s the ABCs so I’m really doing great with that.

9 of Swords

The 9 of Swords: looks pretty depressing of course.

Nice one, right? My mother has Alzheimer’s and Lewy Body Dementia, so the card makes sense.

Happy Mother’s Day everyone! I’d apologize for this post being depressing but don’t moms over apologize constantly? We blame ourselves for everything and apologize for telling the truth if it’s depressing. Especially Mothers Day which the media tells you you’re supposed to be happy and grateful. I’m unhappy and grateful for having grown up with a great caring mom who always put us first and herself last and for having a great kid whom I admire very much. She didn’t get my negative outlook.

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