5/28: My first Live Instagram talk! About my Art

Today I got to do an Instagram live talk with Melissa Diaz, one of my favorite art therapist artists. Her art is awesome: https://instagram.com/m_diaz_art?utm_medium=copy_link

That’s her artist Instagram. She’s also a professor at the Pratt Art Therapy grad school Dept. and organized the juried online show I have two pieces in.

Here’s the link to the art show. The last piece is an awesome dance piece so it included a dancer/dance therapist who also does a Friday talk show I have to find the link for. She did her talk before mine


I was so nervous I had to do a tapping session. I found one of Gala’s about embracing your magic and reworded it to fit my feeling nervous and insecure. It definitely helped. I also had extra time as my 3pm client messed up, so I did a hard core workout, yoga, and worked on a big drawing.

In the morning I started a new wood board thing:

First it looked like this:

I think this is a link to my live:


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