5/30-31/21 late night

This is my 3 day weekend, going pretty well. Yesterday felt like 2 days and now I can barely remember what I did. I know since Friday night, we all 3 watched The Conjuring; B and I started the Mare of Easttown, and binged on it yesterday and today. Tonight we saw that final episode.

I think I played 2 games of chess with M yesterday but maybe Friday. I’ve tried reading a bunch of books and finally decided to read The Queen’s Gambit after just finishing the series, to see the difference between the book and series.

The book is harsher. I was surprised at how cold and brittle Beth is. Little moments like when her mom asks for ten percent as her agent. She doesn’t want to give her any money and certainly doesn’t offer 15 percent. There are weird moments when she seems to be drowning in chess. Her addictions don’t seem as relentless. She gets molested by Joline once at the orphanage but it doesn’t last long as she pushes her away. Makes sense that wasn’t in the book. She’s not as fashionable and attractive. Less lovable.

I haven’t finished it yet. It’s hard to understand the moves as they’re old fashioned, the queens bishop, etc.

I’m on day 29 of not eating sugar, not sure what I’ll do after.

I’m just happy to have tomorrow off. I’ll stretch it out as I really need a vacation.

The mice are back, relentless. It’s depressing.


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