6/5/21: Mandalas, Plus Being a Beginner

Typical Saturday ADHD: I start looking at driving schools. Then go to Facebook in between then a phone call from a close friend then back to emails and start reading a blog about drawing w fountainpens, which reminded me I started writing this post.

They’ve been in my studio for months. Recently, since going all out with my drawings, I’ve had my eyes on these mandalas staring at me, still conundrums of layers full of me changing my mind and not knowing what to put on them. The only through line is sewing the edges and making them circles and picking background colors: light blue, light purple, pink and yellow, different sizes ranging from around 3 feet diameter to 5 feet. The caption I put got erased. Basically these are various examples of iterations from around Sept. 2019 on, except an original old one I covered.

This is the only original I kept from the 2003 series with two new layers, the collage with faves in it and the gold liquid watercolor paint I covered it with, I ended up covering the hole at the top and it probably turned into the blue one so you can see the many layers…

Here are photos from the other day, Thursday, when I started the experiment:

Tuesdays attempt at trying something new and adding shapes similar to my drawings with cut out circles. Not working…
Began in the middle. Going to move out to the edges in the traditional approach to a Mandala.

I did more on Friday but forgot to take photos. I started on the purple one also. I will post more next week. I’d like to see all the edges before continuing so I should start with the two with the driest paint.

Also the other epiphany I had in 2019 was how to hang them and display them; torn it over and glue the front of a stretched canvas to the back. Then you hang it on a mail like a canvas and it sticks out from the wall which really looks much better and more “finished” looking, for the wall display part…

The other part of the post is actually a whole new topic, beginnings, beginner’s mind, being old and ADHD learning new skills…

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