Wow long time almost 7/15: Portrait Project

I was thinking the other day how I wrote in here daily for months of the pandemic and finally took away the post a day self assignment when I ran out of momentum.

I would like to post more often. I also deserted my daily comic which I’m trying to revive as well:

I’ve pledged to myself to go back to the rigorous discipline of daily comics as the only way I got hood comics was to do them every day and some were bad but you only get good ones from showing up every day.

Here I am with insomnia. My daily menu that I’d like to do all of is the usual: yoga, working out, meditation (newly added), art, comic strip, blog and the ever elusive waking up early.

Keeping my promise to myself to not take new clients has paid off as a few have switched to bi-weekly, and some have taken a break. I haven’t replaced anyone and finally it’s paying off this month and I have short days and more time to make art even though paperwork and calls to insurance etc. takes up a lot of time, so I always feel like I don’t have enough time.

I joined the Brooklyn Art Library Portrait project, 14 in 14 days but I slowed down after about 6. Here they are. Each one is an assignment:

I don’t have one. Copied from the internet
Just made this up, not based on a real person
Also made this up. Drawing personified as my best friend
This is a real person.
I just wanted to play with inks. Didn’t take the instructions

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