Shut up and Write Memoir Challenge: Childhood Friend

I had several childhood friends. I just found one on Facebook. He used to come to my house and we played together with stuffed animals and my doll house. I don’t know if I even had a dollhouse.I know I had a lot more stuffed animals than dolls. I played with my Snoopys with my older sister. My family teased me that he was my boyfriend. We met in elementary school, maybe in Kindergarten. He wasn’t my “boyfriend”. I once had a client who had boyfriends starting in 3rd grade or younger. In middle school she had “real” boyfriends.

I didn’t have any romantic interests in elementary school or after. I had no boyfriends or girlfriends. I got embarrassed and stopped playing with him. He probably thought I was a terrible friend. I had another friend from elementary school whom I thought of as my best friend. She lived about 3 blocks away. I still remember her lobby and parts of her apartment. We would play with her younger sister. We drank ginger ale and ate plain spaghetti with butter all the time. I slept over at her house, probably more than she did at my house. I don’t know why. Maybe because everyone else’s house was better than mine because it wasn’t mine. Nobody’s home was actually “better” in terms of fancier or bigger. I was embarrassed by my home because it was fancy and big and full of my parents’ collections of Japanese screens and Chinese pottery. They didn’t own famous artists’ paintings, but they had a lot of different stuff. We had one room that was a library, lined with bookshelves with books and pottery and we had a cool ladder that was shaped like a spiral that you could climb to get to the higher up books but there were usually books on it.

We also had friends who were the kids of my mom’s best friend who was from Niceragua and had a great accent I loved. I can still hear her voice in my head. We’d go to their place on the upper west side on Christmas and be the Jews that hung out with them. They always had a Christmas tree and there were 4 kids, 2 a little younger than me, a girl and boy around my sister’s age. I was good friends with the younger girl.

Then at school I had a kind of partner in crime and we did stupid shit like switching people’s lunch box if they had the same lunch box. All the lunch boxes were those tin boxes that had tops like suitcases and opened like a suitcase. They had cartoon characters or superheroes on them. I can’t remember mine; it must have been Snoopy and Linus and the gang. Linus was the one I identified most with.

Anyway that girl and I did weird things. One day we hid in one of the bathrooms while everyone searched for us. I think even the parents got called until we came out or got caught. We also had a sticker club called the “I’m dead” club. It must have been like Gogol’s book “Dead Souls”. I was a pretty innocent kid and very gullible. My siblings convince me that an eggplant was when you plant an egg.


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