Shut Up and Write: Day 2 Road Trip

It’s hard to pick a road trip that was memorable. I’ve been on many even though I don’t have a driver’s license. The best road trip song for me is Janis Joplin’s Me and Bobby McGee. I listened to that song a lot with a college friend driving through Arizona to California. We stayed in a terrible motel in this weird sounding town in Arizona. Yuma. We were going to LA for no particular reason and stayed in a horrible motel when we got there and people tried to rob us. We stayed at my Russian grandfather in his old dusty house on Lowry Road. He was stern and had a Tolstoy beard. That friend is the only friend I had who met him. Unfortunately my lovely grandmother was dead by then.

I went on a great road trip in 2006 in New Mexico on the turquoise trail from ugly Albuquerque to beautiful Santa Fe. We met some naked hippies in natural hot springs in the middle of nowhere. We stopped in Madrid because one of my favorite painters, Susan Rothenberg, lived there. We didn’t see her house but went into the tiny gallery store in town.

At one point on that trail in April it started snowing. That was one of my favorite road trips. I made some cool art in hotel rooms.

A few summers ago we drove all over parts of Canada and camped everywhere. That was awesome and would take forever to describe. We went to these natural occurring hot springs. Best people watching ever because of all the weird tattoos…


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