Memoir Day 3: Stranger than Fiction

Don’t read if you’re a client:

The strangest thing I’ve ever seen. I guess we’re in the : have you been to the Twilight Zone. I have yes in different ways. The pandemic kind of wins out as the strangest thing I’ve lived through that we’ve all lived through. It is one of the things where being in the trenches with my clients during the darkest days even though their sessions were about them, we were both stuck in the same nightmare.

Otherwise some things are too hard and confusing to write about. Making art can be strange because I don’t plan what I’m doing beyond some general kinds of rules that just show up. Lately I’ve been painting shapes on paper filling it up, then going back into it and covering up parts. I spent a lot of time since vacation with cool colors, mostly blues and greens and purples; then yesterday’s tried to use the other half of my palette, the warmer colors. I mixed weird colors together and made my favorite piece of the series:

Beginning last night
Same piece, finished

I really am pleased with this one as the blues and greens fit with the main browns, oranges, umbers, mustards, etc.

It was a surprise. I’ll do the same thing repeatedly until something like that happens.

Living through 9/11 and living a few blocks from it as I posted, that was a stranger than fiction experience.

While some experiences like LSD trip age 20 and mushrooms all around the same time are obviously weird as altered states of consciousness that are hard to describe, the strangest thing of my life was being pregnant and seeing the baby for the first time, lifted out of me in a C section. Growing a dot that eventually becomes an embryo and fetus, this thing with a heartbeat you can hear, it’s an insane experience. To become the house for an eventual human to emerge 9 months later. It’s very weird and I experienced a feeling like I was possessed by an alien. That’s definitely the strangest experience I’ve had but then it’s followed by more and more as you get to know this new person and watch her growing up as uniquely herself; her own unique personality and face. I don’t see the similarities except in certain learned behaviors- I mostly get to know this amazing person with her own unique traits, voice, way of moving and talking, seeing her life take shape. Now I know she wants to be a doctor in an ER, very fascinating. Everything she does is new and familiar as well because I’ve lived with her all her life.

I could go on; life is exciting when it’s strange, but most of the time it’s repetitive and even boring or you feel imprisoned with awakenings happening as a surprise. I may soon have a kitten and a cat in my house, completely unexpected as we’re dog people and allergic but I’m allergic to dogs too.

I’m excited to live with cats. When we met the kitty and her mom it was really magical and suddenly the idea of having a dog was not appealing.

So I’m excited to soon experience that strangeness!


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