10/13/21: Death and Taxes

“but in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.

I have gotten in the ADHD habit of always doing an extension taxes and always as October begins I start to avoid doing the taxes due on the 15th. The main reason to get them in isn’t that it’s pathetic to do them late after already extending them 6 months. Now that I’ve passed 50, I have stopped caring about things like that. Taxes are disgusting. The super wealthy put their money in Swiss banks and whatever tricky things they know how to do to avoid paying what they should pay while the rest of us struggle along being honest for no good reason.

The government doesn’t give a shit how you’d like them to spend your hard earned money. They don’t give a shit that their taking too much of your measly pay checks. They don’t give a shit if you work two jobs and have 2 or 7 kids.

Still I go through online purchases from 2020 being careful with things like- Those art supplies were for a gift for someone or my kid; I can’t count them as an expense. That would be lying. Yet the other day I noticed bananas in my Whole Foods cart after I had self checkout Ed-always challenging to my ADHD. Having to put them in bags that equalize how heavy things are; don’t put soft things on the bottom. I’m over not taking too long. I usually go slowly so as to avoid forgetting items. I noticed the bananas and at some point taking the cart to the exit put them in my bag. I just couldn’t go back and wait in line again, and they were just a few bananas. Woops I thought I got these. I was so focused on getting everything together. I left with the bananas. There’s a reason Whole Foods is called Whole Paycheck.

So arrest me now. Over four bananas- doing taxes at the last minute is that bad.

Most people don’t get the Schedule C torture for sole proprietors and I guess small businesses. If you hummed along all year getting the same shitty amount of your paycheck stolen from you by the IRS, taxes are pretty much a breeze to do and you’ve already been robbed.

Imagine being completely chaotic and disorganized in every way- mentally, emotionally, physically. That’s my ADHD. I think Harvard was made for regular people and people with my kind of brain because somehow I didn’t notice all the stuff I do now. That place was made for the type who is quickly bored, not sure about anything, sure about hating reality, all kinds of privileges and ADHD accommodations built in to the fabric of the place at that particular time, 1986-1991. It’s changed a lot since then.

Anyway I’m writing this blog post to avoid my taxes. Most adulty adults can handle their taxes or pay someone to do them. You can’t pay someone if they’re too expensive and more importantly would be zonked by your ziplock bags of receipts and notebook of lists and need for last minute checks. I mean checking things.

I’ve never had a home office before COVID. Tonight I wasted lots of times searching this blog to see how long I worked here before going back to my studio. Waste of time- I could not figure it out, should have assumed March 26 to end of May and then August. Not such a big deal. Just get through it quickly. But there are bags if receipts to separate into food for the office, faces and postage and a million tiny supplies from Kleenex to pen refills to the Happy Light.

Anyway the day has been awful so I’ll do them again tomorrow and just finish and be done with it. It was COVID year so I can’t imagine things ending up shit. I could get a refund.

Taxman is a brilliantBeatles song:

I’ll tax the street
(If you try to sit, sit) I’ll tax your seat
(If you get too cold, cold) I’ll tax the heat
(If you take a walk, walk) I’ll tax your feet

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