11/19/21: images of the day

Last day of the first week in the new studio. The weirdest thing is these moments of pure silence even though I have 2 windows and it’s a crowded street.

There must be a name for this area that is neither Tribeca nor FiDi. It’s far enough from Wall Street and World Trade Center. It’s just too weird and not button and tie traders. There are too many super odd discount stores and wonderful ugly clothing stores. There is an old fashioned beauty store that has wigs in the windows. Who find hardware stores from 1970 in the FinancialDistrict? I don’t know what to call it but it’s got the feel of Chinatown with small one way streets and narrow sidewalks. The pizza place on the corner sells a 2 pieces of pizza and one soda for $3.99. In my old studio there used to be a pizza place on my corner with 1$ pizza and one around the corner also 1$ pizza. The worse one survived.

It’s like a little Mecca tucked behind the huge Oculus and Fulton mall. Of course the ubiquitous Chinese massage places 30 minutes for 30$. I have to get one soon now I have the booster.

I’m delighted with the oddity of the neighborhood, not walking out my office hemmed in by huge high rises. Old signs are still there. I can take so many fun photos. Whenever I encounter a slice of old New York it makes me happy as having my 2 tribeca studios since 1993 has involved loss after loss of awesome places like Pearl Paint. If I go back to a cool place like Soho Art Supplies I always hypervigilantly ask, Are you staying open? Or Are you closing down?

Anyway today’s photos are in the studio:

The mandatory magic boots and Dr Seuss dress
Outside Suite 2A

One lovely neighbor left me a bag with a note and a frame for my business. I’m sure I will change the drawing inside a lot.

In one of my 2 windows. I have heat! When I got too hot I opened the windows. So delightful to have control like that and not need space heaters and bad fans!
It’s small but bigger than this; huge mess when organized will make room fun but hopefully not crowded.

The before and after photos will be fun…

Lastly a fun panorama photo

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