12/25/21: Another Day

We watched “Old” last night . I didn’t like the characters. The plot was interesting. I was talking to a screenwriter about character building. I thought they were saying not to make all the characters the same. The problem with this movie may have been that. It was too stereotypical, the characters. Nobody but the one girl/woman who finds a notebook and starts reading it was interesting. She figured out her mom had an affair and confronted her. The rest was bad twilight zone type plot. I mean the plot was a cool twilight zone idea but the movie was not original. If it’s a formula it’s got to be good.

Anyway life is not like the movies. We still have to wash our dishes by hand because the dishwasher door is broken off. There’s the funeral happening in 2022 so technically that’s not part of the craziness of life since July/August. But he died on 12/22/21. This summer my 13 year old had mono; took a while to figure out. Two trips to the ER in vacation because she was short of breath, not like COVID. All of us are in the high 90s with blood oxygen. We have the finger thing. There was the banal stuff like the leak on the downstairs neighbor and getting a set of keys to the upstairs neighbor. Insurance phone calls that yielded nothing. Two large bills to pay to dry off his ceiling and patch it back. The plumber had cut out part of the wall so there was paying someone to did drywall.

Then we did a lot of deep cleaning in the fall maybe six weeks? For a while the microwave didn’t work. Our kid fell down the subway stairs and a week later fell at recess and ended up in the ER with a fracture in her forearm. I had to move offices suddenly between October 1 and December 1. My dad fell several times and wound up in the ER once.

Then we had the Covid tragedy a week in the ward then the vent then he died.

And of course, getting Covid..,

The cats we fell in love with were too far away to adopt.

A bigger litany of shitstorms I won’t add more to here. I can’t remember the first 6 months of 2021.

But we still went to the Eerie County fair. We still stayed upstate a long time. We still had maybe 2 nights sleeping outside under the stars. I got to work a week in the suburbs. I still kept up my workouts. I still got lots of hugs.

The one thing Old captures is that feeling of relentless of time and growing older but feeling much youngerZ.

Next post the positives.


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