1/11/22: Tuesday, Tik Toks and The Sketchbook Project

What’s the opposite of “Morning Pages” practice? Staying up too late night time just squeezed in before officially it’s tomorrow.

I started doing silly Tik Tok videos about my studio and art and art therapy. I can’t remember if I wrote in here about it. Anyway I made a long one tonight and forgot the hashtags. Unlike Instagram once you push your silly video into the Tik Tok universe you can’t change it. You can remove it and redo it but Tik Tok is not about editing and tinkering; it’s literally about throwing a video out there as time ticks away. Time is the theme. You can do up to 10 seconds, 30 seconds or 3 minutes. That’s new. It used to be just quickies.

I also started my new sketchbook project. I’ve given up on last years, which I lost in the shuffle of changing studios or in an ADHD haze. It’s upsetting but I’m trying to enjoy this new sketchbook and make a rule that I don’t cut pages out and redo them even if I don’t like what I did. It’s an experiment in staying true to the real tenet of drawing into the universe, like a Tik Tok it involves trust and play and no looking back and works best with no Big Plan. It gathers along and you get a sense of resonance and some kind of beads on a chain progression.

One thing I can do if that High Vibe 55 list today is a progress photo or a few:

My favorite page, paint pen and fountainpen
This was fun to do; I think it was yesterday…
A real progress photo

Yesterday or the day before I said I would manifest a compliment. Then I had one staring in the face and didn’t even see it!


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