1/14/22: Morning Pages

I had an hour between work and all I could squeeze in was a client note, one Tik Tok video, getting yesterday’s post that I wrote yesterday published and now I have about ten minutes to do this post before my next client. I thought decreasing my “case load” would give me a lot more so called free time, meaning time to do the other stuff of business, keep up with notes, do spreadsheets to track people’s payments and what they owe, and especially make art and try to sell it or at least put it out there. Anyway I am less frazzled than in 2020 lockdown when I just had one client after another and must have had around 29 sessions/week on average. It seemed like much more during the height of the lockdown working in the closet but I guess it wasn’t as much of a difference as I thought. Now over the past two years it’s ranged from around 21-27 but not usually that much. Like this week it will be 23 sessions, which means I had a lot of extra time but didn’t get to really clean and organize my studio. I think I moved in on November 14. It’s now January 14, 2 months later and I have gotten a lot done with it but it’s still a disorganized mess that really bothers me because I want to remove all the stuff all over the floor and find places for it and feel like I”m utilizing the space. I don’t get a sense of how big it is or small because there’s stuff everywhere.

Today from 1-2 I will try to clean it up and use it as the photo. (I did it!)

I stayed up late watching “Servant” til 2 and fell asleep watching it in the couch. I ate a huge amount of cookies and cream ice cream because when you stay up too late you can’t avoid eating stuff like that.

On the other hand I got home after 7 tired and actually cooked a pasta sauce with spinach and broccoli and vegan meat and tomato sauce and we ate an actual dinner that had most of the food groups and was pretty healthy so that was a big win.


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