Favorite Video Of Last Week: “Raised Without Gender”

A 10 year old showed me this video last week. ┬áIt was really great to see how schools of the future may eventually evolve to adopt a philosophy of not inculcating gender norms and gender roles on young 4 and 5 year olds. Maybe in about 50 years, most schools will just be like this. The family in it is really great. My favorite part is when the parent is sort of accused of inculcating their views of gender and forcing them on their children. The parent replies, Yes I am doing that. So does every other parent. I’m just not doing it the way many others do, but I’m doing the same thing all parents do. So true.

Why I Love and Loved Math

When I was in high school, I loved math except for the word problems. The problem with word problems in math is that they have words in them. The words are the problem. Farmers and apple trees and bushels don’t make sense in math.

Math was a big break from all other subjects, especially history and English; numbers are great and fun and do weird things when you mix them up in different ways.

Negative numbers and negative square roots are fun and fit the real definition of negative. Negative numbers and other numbers and signs can’t kill each other or invade each other for strange reasons.

That’s it. Math is a big break from words and real negative stuff like wars and evil people.