End of Month Art Post!

I started this as an ongoing regular series of images posted the end of each month, specifically involving images in my journal.

As of this month and for the new year, I’ve decided to change the focus to posting pictures of my art at the end of every month and reflecting on my goals, objectives and accomplishments. So this month I picked my series entitled (for now) Expansion. All work is made with pens on paper. I’m considering adding pencil into the mix.

These four are older ones I started in mid May 2015, about 6 and a half months ago. 
This one, begun in May, I have been working on for two days. My current new goal after restarting this series in the fall is to focus more on finishing the drawings I’ve started.

It’s nice to have a goal that is doable and what I enjoy about this series is that my goal for each drawing is to cover the whole paper with marks, so it’s easier to be able to know when I’ve finished one. 
This one is a large one started recently. 

This one is an example of a finished drawing.  It’s the biggest I’ve completed: 15 x 18 inches.

Here below is a picture of that one with other finished ones on my studio wall: I will end the post with it. So by next month I hope to have finished at least 5-7 more of already started ones!  

End of September and October Journal Images

Part 1: The Journal cover

This one is different from my usual journals; it wS a gift from a patient and had quotes about the idea of care and caring on each page.

Here’s the cover with a piece glued from the red journal wrapper that said “Life is not a someday thing or an everyday thing. It’s a right now everyday thing. I crossed out some of it.   
Here’s the back cover and spine below:

  Below is my favorite drawing probably started in August and finished in September in as much as you can finish a journal drawing…


February’s End of Month journal Post

This month I am highlighting redoing the journal cover last Friday; it was interesting to take some of it apart and redo it. If you look at last month you can see what the journal looked like before I redecorated it…

Then I am showing the theme of the new year and new journal as well as collage. I will try not to repeat last month’s pictures unless I’m showing that I changed or worked more on a page…