What is an affirmation? I think of it as a statement of validation for myself, a reminder of my value and self worth. Sometimes the affirmation can be a coping statement, an acceptance of things as they are; there is some crossover between affirmations and coping statements used in DBT, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. This new box I made recently is for affirmations and DBT skills. I wanted to make the box more useful. There are a lot of great DBT skills and statements that can be overwhelming, so it’s helpful to choose one and focus on it. Affirmations can be used effectively with individual clients as well as groups and help people with self-esteem building.

One great art therapy project involves decorating a box like a kleenex box and turning it into an Affirmations Box and/or a Coping Skills DBT Box. The kleenex box lends itself to this art form as it already has an opening at the top and is associated with taking something out of it to use, so it can be repurposed for Affirmations and/or DBT skills. I also find it fun to fill the box with a lot of things so it feels like a kleenex box. This time I used eyes and collage and the opening of the box to make a face and transform the box into a creature. I put a face on the outside and inside of the box.

There is also a handmade pillow and a little doll inside who kind of live there. As feet for the box I used two small round boxes that I decorated, and put charms and objects inside of them.

Materials you can use to transform your box: Decorative Duct Tape, Washi Tape, Tissue Paper and Mod Podge, Paint, paint markers, and of course, jewels, rhinestones, bottons, goggly eyes… After you paint or collage on the inside and outside of your box, you write your affirmations down and put them in the box.  You can write them on decorative paper and decorate them, or on pieces of wood. You can use rhinestones, decorative scissors, colored glue gun stick, tape, etc. Then take the box home or to work and keep it where you will use it.

Some uses include:
Start the day with an affirmation. Pick one at random or choose one from your box that is speaking to you. Say it out loud and set the intention for the day. You can even carry it around in your wallet or bag as a reminder.

End the day with an affirmation before going to sleep.

Use it with your meditation practice. Pick one to dedicate to your practice that day or choose one afterward. You can do the same with yoga.

Share your affirmations with others. If you like having friends over at your home, greet them with the box to choose one. This works well at certain occasions and you could make a gratefulness box for Thanksgiving using the same materials.

If you have a social situation and you have some social anxiety, pick an appropriate one and carry it with you to the event. Look at it when you get nervous/anxious.

If you have the kind of job where people would welcome affirmations, share them with your colleagues at work. Spread the love. Or post them on your Instagram feed. You can also find great affirmations and inspiring statements on Instagram and Pinterest to use for your box.


This “note” is more of a coping statment than an affirmation, saying that part of being happy today is accepting the past being over and being able to move on to enjoy the present.

I plan to add more of these as I find them or remember them. Please let me know what affirmations you like!

When I started doing Reiki I learned about the power of affirmations. I had people pick an affirmation from a list before the Reiki session. The most popular one I’ve encountered since 2006 in Reiki and in art therapy is definitely: “Everything I need is already within me.” Here are some others:

Affirmations specifically about body image are quite useful for people who need them:

I am more than my body.

My body is my friend and supporter.

I accept and love my whole body as it is right now at this moment.

I am fully present in the here and now.

I also recomment getting creative with what you put the affirmations on. I had this polaroid of a clock that went perfectly with the statement, I am alive, which I wrote in gold on the back. I found sheet music to cut up and write on.

I am alive.

I am grateful and hopeful.

I am able to like and love myself.

It’s ok for me to have feelings.

I am being who I truly want to be.

I am whole.

I am centered, grounded and calm.

I am able to laugh at myself.

I am a creative being.

I am unique.

We are spiritual beings in human form.

The past is over. I have the here and now.

Magic is in the small things.

Life is hard yard by yard. Life’s a cinch inch by inch.

I am worthy of love.

I am working on patience with myself and others.

The above card is more suitable to a DBT post as a coping statement but can be an affirmation as well.

I am compassionate.

I am focused.

I am able to say no and be ok.

These ones are from the first time I posted about Affirmations…



5 thoughts on “Affirmations

  1. Over the years I have used affirmations and whether I am pasting them on the bathroom mirror, have a pick and choose mason jar full, or walk about with one scribbled on a crumbled bit of paper for through the day reference…oh the joy and effectiveness of affirmations. Your collection is so full of artistic expression, it is an affirmation in itself!

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  2. Thank you to Keith for highlighting this post and leading me here 🙂 Love the pink pics and bottle tops are one of my fave things ever (seriously!) I’ll hsve to pay some attention to affirmations. Wonderful post 🙂

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