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No day without a line. – Paul Klee

It is my mantra: lines in drawings and the written line, which is why I have changed the title and tag line. Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass is/has been my favorite book forever, so I love to think that at least 6 Impossiberle Things Before Breakfast can happen every day!

Paul Klee also said, “Art does not reproduce what we see; rather, it makes us see.” My art and writing are constantly on the move. I combine words and drawings in my daily comic which has had several titles and is now called, “The Daily Blend”. You can find it on Instagram:ย https://www.instagram.com/arttherapyforadults/

While I have since moved on from the concreteness of writing on the back of my art work, the strong connection between pictures and words remains, which is why my best blog posts have both images and writing in them.

I was not one of those kids who was the “best artist in the class”. Back then I hated drawing and was into photography, the old school dark room kind of the 80’s. I did not discover making marks on paper for the pure joy of it until half way through college, while I was majoring in Russian Literature. Many years later, when I considered studying art therapy, the therapeutic value of art making was very evident to me, as I found it true for myself.

Making things has always been about the materials and the process.. Similar to art therapy, art making ย is constantly evolving and changing in a way that cannot be planned.

I invite you to see more of my images and words on my Artist Instagram Page:ย Instagram

29 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I just wanted to thank you for visiting my site and deciding to tag along. What a wealth of information and very cool art you have here. I’ll be back to look at more.


  2. Hi Natasha,
    Thank you for tagging my blog. I’ve never heard about tagging before, but I think it is a way to drive traffic to your blog (while playing a game and getting to know people), and this has an effect on the placement of the blog on Google. It is smart, I think.
    Every time someone comes to your blog, or every link that there is to your blog in someone else’s blog or website, your placement in Google improves.
    I don’t feel like playing this, but the fact that I came here already helps. I read some of your writing and appreciate it. I feel good to be connected with you.


  3. Natasha hello im looking for help getting my ideas on healing into art. I am knowledgeable about healing treatments and wish to combine them in art form. Please let me know if u can help thanks


  4. Thank you for following my blog. I am really interested to explore yours. Throughout my own journey, art therapy has at times been a tremendous tool while other times I have felt completely stuck creatively. I mostly stick to writing poetry now versus any other expressive medium but I am looking forward to reading more about how you use art with your patients. Thanks again for following! I will be adding you to my reader.


  5. Hi Natasha,

    My name is Brittany and am a film student in NJ. My professor is directing a film about depression and the stigma surrounding it called “Dark Light”. We are looking to spread our link around as much as possible in order to get support and funds to raise for the film.

    A little background: “Dark Light” is a short experimental film about the nature of depression. Depression is a biological flaw, not a character flaw. Please help us fight the stigma surrounding depression, the leading cause of suicide: support our Indie-Gogo fundraising campaign at:


    If you could repost our link, or spread it around to people you think may be willing to help us out, I would really appreciate it. Let me know if you would like more info.

    Thank you! Have a great day ๐Ÿ™‚


  6. I love your blog.
    I would like to connect you to an artust in Finland that might benifit from youd influence.
    Curious ?
    She 26 and discouraged.
    And Amazing. ; ))
    We both work with mindfulness
    She has just begun. For me 2 years.



  7. Hi Natasha,

    Thank you for visiting my blog and deciding to follow. Your blog is quite interesting; you have a variety of therapy specialties. I love the idea of art as therapy. Writing has always helped me to sort things out.
    I’ll be visiting again.


  8. My means of artistic expression is writing. Although my sister loves fine art and painting. Loved your about page and I do recognize the importance of art therapy, especially with children. Thanks for finding my blog because now I’ve met you. Looking forward to learning more about your expertise.


  9. Beautiful site! My daughter (NYC artist, has worked with somebody named Swoon in the past, etc) gives us interesting insights from the art world of the Big Apple. I am concerned that she is simply working to eat and pay rent, but not really attending to her own work as an artist. At one point she had also mentioned art therapy, and I wish she would consider that again. I appreciate you talented ladies, as I do not have that talent! God bless you both.


  10. Hello Natasha, You seem very interesting and Full of enthusiasm ๐Ÿ™‚ will follow you and read your posts ๐Ÿ™‚



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