Quick Post: Other Opinions on Fighting Insurance Companies

Here are some good points and actual ideas of steps to take to get insurance companies like GHI and I guess even gov’t insurance like Medicaid to change their minds about paying art therapists. In my last post, I had been kind of negative, saying it’s a waste of time contacting them directly, you might as well hit your head against a brick wall.

Thanks for the positivity and good ideas to two therapists:

First, Alan Pottinger wrote on the NYCCAT list serve and the second one is a response from another positive art therapist. These are great ideas and give one hope!:
On Aug 12, 2013
> My dear Colleagues-
> the insurance industry is wealthy and powerful because they do everything in their power to deny claims. It is often the first response despite all legal documentation. This will no longer be a fight, when we come out of the woods and simply do not take “NO” for an answer. We all know clinicians especially psychiatrists who can recommend this treatment. Point them to the Title 163 in the NYS Law.
> Treatment is between a doctor and the patient. Since we do not have that kind of juice now I recommend using the people we know to push and push and push. They are not going to hand over money because we ask them and its the right thing to do legally, morally or ethically.
> Stay on their behinds until we become so irritating they fork over. Ask for a supervisor , ask for the supervisor&# 39;s supervisor anyone you know in the legal world who works with insurance companies can offer advice. Especially if there is an element of danger to self or others because they do not want to be left holding that bag.
> By the same token neither do you. So make sure you have at least the minimal insurance to practice in your state or practice within an established health care program. The sort of new ” all under one roof” boutique establishments.
> Especially work the children, the elderly, the Trauma sufferers as we usually have great outcomes. Take the patients that are difficult for other disciplines.

> Alan Pottinger BFA MA RDT
> Licensed Creative Arts Therapist
> Board Certified Trainer
> 212-562-6891
> 917-563-5602
> Alan.Pottinger@ bellevue. nychhc.org
Hear hear! It is so frustrating for me to see people say “don’ t bother, they won’t do it” because if we had that attitude towards licensure – which seemed insurmountable for years (can’t tell you how many people told me it was “useless” when I was NYCCAT chair) we wouldn’t even be able to fight!!!
Have doctors write prescriptions for CAT, letters documenting the medical necessity, have clients write letters to insurance companies, send claims after claims (create a paper trail that’s huge), speak to supervisors etc. I think with the new marketplace for health insurance coming in the next 6 months the time is ripe for change 🙂


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