Memorial Day Weekend’s #StompOutLE Walk

I always love to read when people find other fellow life travelers who share their struggles. It’s why I love blogging and social media. The therapeutic value is so great. And seeing people in person who share your struggles, in this case, Lymphedema, is of course, transformative!

The Lymphie Life

A few weeks ago, on May 24th, I participated in the National Lymphedema Network’s Stomp Out Lymphedema Walk in Baltimore, MD. It was such a gorgeous day, perfect for meaningful fellowship with lymphies, therapists, and family members—and a gorgeous day for walking, too!

Meeting other people with lymphedema is always exciting—it’s kind of like discovering friends you never knew you had. Don’t get me wrong: I’m beyond grateful for the people in my life who listen patiently while I vent my frustrations about living with lymphedema (or talk me through a mild meltdown at the shoe store!). They’re amazing support systems who get me through the difficult times and celebrate with me through the good, but there’s just something so validating about being face-to-face with another person who is living with lymphedema and hearing “yes—I feel that, too!”

There were other lymphies from the blogosphere at the walk, like Grace Gaylord of Gracefully Lymphedema,

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