One More Article: End Binary Restrooms: The fact that It Needs to be written: We have a long way to go but we will get there

Here’s the article:

Here’s my thoughts generated about the topic: The issue around bathrooms being divided into “men” and “women” has always been problematic. One woman recently said, it’s not a dress, it’s a cape, transforming the familiar women “symbol” of a body in a triangle shape to differentiate from a picture of a body with two legs and no shape around it, into a political statement.

Images are powerful. The picture identifying the female in this way is limiting and insulting to anyone identifying as female to reduce femaleness to that and maleness to no “dress”. “Get used to it” is right on in terms of choice for each person of which of the two symbolized public bathrooms to use. Unfortunately, these symbols are still there as well as the words “Ladies” and Gentlemen” and “Men and “women. And the binary two restrooms in many public places makes no sense either. See further down, when I break it down to how you deal with this issue of daily toilet use in your own home, if you are lucky enough to have your own toilet and room for it.

I see the future restrooms of the world as having no labels on them unless someone wants to put an image of a palm tree or whatever; you’ve seen them in public bathrooms, some kind of image about life that has nothing to do with gender identity. That’s it. One restroom or maybe a few if the place needs several of them, only they will be necessary for big places and there will be more restrooms in different areas, so really humans will not think in terms of choosing a restroom based on gender when in public places, like we already do with port o potties.

Another thing nobody talks much about is adults and children and the restroom binary choice conundrum. A parent has one, two or more kids with them, whatever genders. This adult is taking the child or children to do whatever in a toilet. What does this adult do when faced with symbols or words that divide the rooms arbitrarily in a way that does not work with the parent needing to go to the restroom with one or more children and keep eyes on the other ones while helping the one, for example. Simple solution, just go into the available restroom with no label and use it as need be to keep kid(s) safe. Port o potties are the evolved restroom of the future. Maybe some restaurants and fancy places will have cool looking well decorated restrooms with fancy sinks still, just for the fun of it, but they will just have one or if there are more, it will just provide extra privacy to any individual or family.

This day will come, and I hope it comes as soon as possible, so I don’t feel the need to write such posts. Get used to public restrooms feeling more like the ones in your home. if you only have one, everyone who comes there uses it. IF you’re weatlhy enough to have more than one bathroom in your home, the vast majority of people would not make sure their co inhabitants and guests are using one for one assigned gender and one for another. Perhaps you have several bathrooms in your house. I imagine you have one for guests, and maybe the other bathrooms are linked to a bedroom or area of the home.

We are living the obvious at home. It’s time to take that out of the home and make it a regular normal reality in public. When you give it just a little thought, it’s logical and rational to do this. What we have now makes no sense and is not that safe for all kinds of reasons. Nobody should be worrying about anybody doing anything to them or saying anything to them that is not ok when they are entering a restroom. All humans use them and we all equally need to be able to feel comfortable entering them when in public. The obvious and simplest answer is sometimes the only sensible right action!

One thought on “One More Article: End Binary Restrooms: The fact that It Needs to be written: We have a long way to go but we will get there

  1. I was once in a restaurant that had two restrooms, each with one toilet. One was marked “carnivores” and the other “vegetarians.” I loved it! Not only could anyone use whichever they wanted without social consequences, but (to me, at least) it pointed out how ridiculous it is to label restrooms based on social categories.


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