Monday 3/29/21

It’s weird not posting daily but it feels right that I did it for the Covid quarantine year and kept it up that long.

Tomorrow I get my first dose of the Pfizer vaccine. I will walk one long block to Broadway and one short block to Park Place and sit in a chair and get my vaccine. No big Javitz Center or unfamiliar clinic. No need for subways or Lyfts. I knew I wanted to wait until it would be easy to get around the corner at the same place I pick up medications from. I didn’t really want to go in the mental health worker under the general health worker category if at all possible because I don’t see clients in person and I felt wrong about it. Like I posted in my last post, I’m working on the yamas, like truthfulness. I get my vaccine because I’m in the over 50 category. Of course it’s right before they open it to everyone anyway. But there wasn’t any rush.

Anyway, it’s a little strange not to post daily as it felt like a friend I was sharing some kind of diary with, documenting my experience of the whole thing.

I’m excited to be doing these drawings again. They feel right and sort of soothing and they seem to have an affect on people. I’ve considered adding color like maybe gold but I’m not sure. I started one on a big piece of paper, 30 x 20 inches:

Light pencil drawing of the shape I might change and did.
Beginning probably a few hours… last week
Today earlier

This is where I left off. It’s fun doing large ones.

The weekend wasn’t great for me. Kind of up and down. Good time spent with M on Sims 3 mostly watching her play. Tonight we watched more Good Girls which manages to make me laugh into Season 3, so that’s something.

Otherwise life feels fairly predictable and completely uncertain at the same time.


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