4/16/21: Blog, Blob and comic

I just saw that I got more views when I posted daily; it’s gone down significantly.

I’m trying this new thing of going to bed earlier and waking up earlier. I aim to get to bed at 10:30 and so far have gotten to bed between 11:19 and 11:30, so I’m at least getting to bed before midnight. This morning for the first time I woke up early at 7. That means I spent almost an hour on the couch lying down and setting timers. Not sleeping but not doing anything. I’m aiming for SMART goals, Specific, Measurable, Action Oriented, Realistic, Time Bound. I heard about this from a client who had this concept at their job and thought it was a great description of how to make goals.

The goal is to wake up early and do things like yoga, exercise, blog, comic strip. I also want to read every day and draw every day. Then eat fruits and vegetables and less carbs and no sugar. For now doing one thing in the morning counts like today doing this post.

I’ve been off and on with the comic strip but I want to start doing it in the morning.

The Sketchbook Project started a “blob challenge”:

In this new interactive challenge, we’re letting go of the limitations that we often put on our creativity. The blob is your oyster and we want to see your imagination run wild. One person’s blob dog may be another person’s blob city. We want to see them all!The rules are simple: turn your blobs into various characters, places or things and share them on Instagram using the hashtag #theblobchallenge.”

I’ve been doing the blob challenge since March 21. I still haven’t gotten back to making a comic every day. It’s called “The Daily Blend”; I’ve changed it to “The Daily Blob”. It’s been fun drawing blobs and easier to do the comic strip as often I run out of ideas. Here are some that I’ve had fun doing. The comic strip is about art therapy and the Instagram is @

It’s about time management. I have done this post so the Realistic aspect is I can’t do a second morning practice but I didn’t start the day looking at social media and maybe I can get back to frequent posts.


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